About us

COIN SOUVENIR Ltd is family-owned business based in United Kingdom specialized in inventing, designing & producing various vending machines and custom-made products for the Gift & Souvenir industry.

Our mission is to expand the gift & souvenir offer with innovative, first to market, environmentally friendly and high-quality new vending machines plus new gifts & souvenir product with exclusive direct factory access from around the world.

We have a proven record with our breakthrough new invented manual vending machine (CS01 – Dispense 4 Medallions inside acrylic capsule) completed in April 2019 designed and produced 100% in UK.

We have now completed 2 New versions (CS02) & (CS03) fully contactless.

We develop most of our vending machines in UK supporting local businesses.

We operate on profit % share basis, manage, re-stock, maintain and service our machines. 100% Custom made for your venue, no Investment Required.

Bespoke Metal Crafts and Souvenirs is our fastest growing division.

We are proud to have designed and produced many bespoke Promotional Gifts and Souvenirs to many businesses and tourist attractions ranging from a single individual to international movie studios, national parks, zoos, aquariums and so on.

Other keys to success are the long-term experience in Gift & Souvenirs industry, product design, innovation, marketing research and negotiation to insure you receive the best quality and unbitable price.

With the establishment and the strategic plan and unreserved energy and experience we expect to exceed our expectation and make our business very successful and trustful for many generations to come.

If you are unhappy with your current supplier, provider, quality, price, reliability or just want to create and try something different then please contact us, we will make the difference and honour your trust with our full commitment.

Coin Souvenir Registered in UK & Wales as “Coin Souvenir Ltd” Company Nr: 11959989.